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Your smile is all about looking and feeling good. Here at our practice we can help you achieve a healthy and confident smile.

Check up, Scale and Clean

Patients are highly recommended to have this general appointment every six months. The teeth and gums are given a full clean, removal of calculus and plaque, fluoride treatment and assessment by the dentist. This will ensure the continuous health of your teeth and gums, preventing decay and the onset of gingivitis.

Periodontal Clean

Periodontal disease is the inflammation and infection of the gums caused by poor oral hygiene. Early stages of periodontal gum treatment can be assessed ad treated by the dentist.


Poor oral hygiene causes decay to eroded away the tooth structure. To restore and preserve the tooth, all decay must be removed and then the tooth structure built back with fillings.

At Debbie Family Dental, we use only the highest quality white resin composite for fillings. Composite is a very similar material to your natural teeth, so your filling will not only be aesthetically appealing, but will also expand naturally with your tooth over time, unlike amalgam fillings which may crack your teeth as they expand.

Fissure Seals

Fissures are the grooves that naturally occur on the biting surface of molars and pre-molars. If these fissures are especially narrow and deep, bacteria and plaque are easily trapped in the fissure pits, forming decay. To prevent this from occurring, a white, non-invasive plastic material is used to fill the fissures.

Teeth prone to these deep, narrow fissures are frequently seen in children and adolescence. Dr Debbie Leong will usually assess whether fissure seals are required during a check-up appointment.

Root Canal Endodontic Treatment

Endodontic treatment is necessary when poor oral hygiene has led to an infection of the tooth root canals, and the patient wishes to keep their tooth as an alternative to having an extraction. However sometimes an extraction may be the only option: the dentist will assess this for you.

Many patients opt to save the tooth from extraction through root canal treatment as a natural tooth is usually better for biting, chewing and also cleaning and maintenance. There are also health issues associated with losing a tooth, as nearby teeth can move out of their regular position and tilt into the cleft left by the missing tooth.

Crown & Bridge

When the strong outside enamel of a tooth is chipped, broken or weakened, an artificial crown is most often the best way to save and strengthen the tooth. A porcelain crown is prepared to fit over your entire tooth, with the intent of replacing the natural crown.

If a tooth is lost, or too badly decayed for a crown, a bridge may be the treatment of choice. A bridge is a porcelain artificial tooth that is anchored in place by the adjacent teeth. The porcelain material we use for crown and bridges is sustainable long-term. It will never discolour or decay, and is designed for strength and durability, so that you may continue to chew and grind away without fear of your crown/bridge chipping or falling out.


When the tooth needs to be removed due to various reasons, usually decay or untreated fillings, the tooth must be removed in order to avoid an abscess and toothache. Dr Debbie Leong is known to be extremely gentle and efficient when removing a tooth. Extractions are usually treated under local anaesthetic.

Cosmetic Consultation

Having that perfect smile really does make a difference, not only aesthetically, but also to your confidence and general self esteem. Let our Dr Debbie Leong professionally assess your teeth, and quote the treatments which you personally require to achieve that sparkling smile.

Teeth Whitening

We use Opalescence to whiten our patient’s teeth. This is a very gentle, painless, yet highly effective method to whiten teeth. It has no detrimental effects on the enamel, unlike many other whitening methods.

We firstly take impressions of your teeth to create a tray perfectly fitted to your mouth, then give you a take home Opalescence whitening kit for you to do in your own time. Results are almost always seen within a week or two. For more information, visit Opalescence.


Dr Debbie Leong can shape your teeth using high quality porcelain, creating that sparkling smile you have always wanted. A cosmetic consultation appointment is initially required, in order for the dentist to assess how best to create your perfect smile, as every case is individual. We are also able to provide a quote.

The porcelain we use is highly durable and strong, so you can continue to chew and grind without fear of your veneers chipping and falling off. The veneers will never decay and are is resistant to stains, so the healthy white colour the dentist chooses for your teeth will never fade. Ultimately, veneers are a long-term solution for a smile that you would like improved.

Composite Veneers – Bonding

Bonding is the application of a tooth-coloured composite resin to repair or improve the appearance of a decayed, chipped, fractured tooth. It also can be used to close spaces between teeth, to make teeth look longer or to change the shape or colour of teeth.

The composite resin used in bonding can be shaped and polished to match the surrounding teeth.

Bonding is the least expensive of cosmetic dental procedures and unlike veneers, which are manufactured in a laboratory and require a customized mold to achieve a proper fit, bonding can be done in a single visit.

Cosmetic Crown

A cosmetic crown is executed exactly the same as a regular crown (see crown and bridge under General Dentistry), however is done under the premise of aesthetic benefit over health benefit.

During a cosmetic consultation appointment, our dentists will assess your teeth and recommend whether your new perfect smile will required a cosmetic crown or not. A quote will also be provided.

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Your smile is all about looking and feeling good. Here at our practice we can help you achieve a healthy and confident smile. Debbie Family Dental.

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Your smile

Your smile is all about looking good and feeling good.

Here at our practice we can help you achieve a healthy and confident smile.

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We love and value our patients enormously. Being a trusted name in family and cosmetic dentistry for over 30 years, we can honestly say that your smile really is important to us!


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